What i'm doing?

I’m focused on frontend development and user experience

Building solid HTML

I knew the tables and I fought with them. I've seen it evolve this language to drop the numeral termination, and now I can talk about HTML as a live standard

  • Logical element hierarchy
  • Semantic & efficient attributes
  • SEO MicroData

Doing magic with StyleSheets

Just fitting every element on their place with the appropriate style, in a pixel perfect way, and responsive fluid grids. I'm proficient writing stylesheets from zero or extending any framework

  • Efficient selectors
  • Using pre-processors (LESS, SASS)
  • Extending frameworks (Bootstrap)
  • Object Oriented CSS
  • Transitions & animations

Writing poetry on JavaScript

Making possible that the things happens when the user wants to happen. I code poetry with many purposes such as DOM manipulation, interaction with a REST web service, or just playing with elements.

  • DOM manipulation
  • MVC libraries & frameworks
  • Server side interactions
  • Globalization

Designing successful user experiences

Improving the user feelings, simplifying the simplest. I squeeze my brain to find the best solution for one step data collection and single page applications.

  • I use pen & papers too
  • Re-thinking moockups
  • Simplifying interfaces
  • Integrating tests to deployment

How I do?

Or in a closest real world, how I would do it?

On the responsive way

Keeping the site or app usable on cross-device environment, not only in a technical way, rethinking the content to display in many contexts such as time, position, daily light, ...

  • Mobile FIRST thinking
  • Fluid design
  • Content priority over natural contexts

Writing reusable and maintainable code

Using MVC patterns and commenting code for kids. Writing with english logical semantic on every method and variable.

  • MVC patterns
  • Well commented code
  • Using open source utilities

Collaborating over a VCS

With distributed tasks over commits and branches

  • Using GIT

Considering test & deployment environments

Optimizing assets on deployment, using join and minify techniques over scripts and stylesheets.

  • Join & Minify
  • Image sprites & URI encoders
  • Load scripts asynchronously

Learning by doing, of course!

What i've done before?

A lot of things and none of them, but always as best as possible

  • Physical interactive media
  • Museum installations
  • CMS templates
  • Websites
  • Advertising design
  • Teach art & tech
  • Organize events & courses
  • Personal art projects
  • Video FX & animation
  • Karaoke authoring
  • DVD authoring
  • CD-Rom authoring
  • Cook and serve :)

will be continue ...


Feel free to contact with me, I'll answer you asap with a smile :)